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Big Jump In Pending Home Sales for Torrance

Although this is likely to change given the challenges of Covid 19 and it’s impact on local real estate, the beginning of 2020 has seen a big jump in pending home sales in Torrance.  December of 2019 saw a multi year low, due primarily to the very low number of available homes for sale.  That […]

Torrance Market Update – March 2020 Home Sales in Torrance CA

March 2020 was another solid month for real estate in Torrance CA….the South Bay’s largest city.  There were 84 on market closed sales during the month which is down slightly from March 2019 but was still the highest since the beginning of 2020.  The number of pending sales has jumped considerable each month of 2020 […]

What’s Happening in Southwood? – Torrance Real Estate Update

Like most areas in Torrance and the South Bay, the neighborhood of Southwood has been most impacted by a lack of home inventory.  As you can see from the chart below the number of sold homes has been declining just about every month since last summer.  The pending sales are very low with only 2 […]

State of Torrance Real Estate Market As We Head into 2020

Welcome to our Torrance real estate update for the coming year.   2020 is looking to be another banner year for home sellers as the combination of seemingly endless demand and historically low interest rates means more people will be looking to purchase a home. View the current homes for sale in Torrance California. In general […]

Community Spotlight – New Horizons 55+ Senior Housing

Welcome to the 55+ community of New Horizons in southeast Torrance.   This is the largest senior living community in the South Bay and boasts a look and feel of a Florida type senior community.  The area and grounds offer an active lifestyle with 9-hold golf, swimming pool, tennis courts, a gym and more.  It’s an […]

What Exactly Is Debt To Income Ratio

One of the key items that a lender takes into consideration when you’re getting pre approved for a loan and during the underwriting process is your debt to income ratio. This tells the lender how much money you owe each month compared with your monthly income to come up with a ratio to determine how […]

Torrance Real Estate Recap – 2019 By the Numbers

2019 was a very solid year for home sales in Torrance CA.  There were 1,201 on market home sales in the city for an average of 100 a month.  The average list price was $818,500 with an average sales prices of $760,333 indicating that the market is still very strong and slightly favors sellers.  View […]

Neighborhood Spotlight – 2019 Home Sales and Prices in Old Torrance

While many people think of Torrance as one big (for the South Bay) city, from a real estate perspective it’s really a very diverse set of neighborhoods and communities.  Prices range dramatically so it’s great to focus stats and trends on small parts of town as well as Torrance real estate in general.  2019 saw […]

Market Update – Torrance Real Estate Sales and Home Prices for November

Torrance had a solid month for home sales in November with 90 “on market” MLS closed home sales during the month.  The median list price for November was $799,900 with the median sold price at $802,000 meaning homes generally sold higher than their list price indicating a very strong sellers market. November 2019 was a […]

Happy Holidays From Torrance Real Estate

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season.  From our family to yours we hope you have a wonderful holiday and Christmas.  While it may not be a white Christmas living in Torrance, the South Bay is such a wonderful place to call home and there are so many great holiday activities in the […]

Home of The Week – 425 Paseo De La Playa

One of our absolute favorite locations in all of the South Bay is Paseo De La Playa along the bluffs of the Hollywood Riviera. There are a very limited number of homes here and it’s truly a showcase location. This is an unbelievable location as the lots/homes are not only oceanfront but the lots are […]

Torrance Home Prices for October 2019 – Real Estate Update

The real estate market in Torrance was fairly typical for this time of year with 119 homes selling in October of 2019.  That’s a solid number and prices were strong as well.  The median list price for homes that sold was $725,000 and the median sold price was $741,000 indicating the continuation of a strong […]

What’s happening in the Torrance Real Estate Market?

Take a look at the charts below to get a better understanding of what’s happening in the Torrance real estate market.   We hope that getting an awareness of what the real estate market has been doing for the past 18 months can help make you a knowledgeable home buyer or seller in this great city.  […]

How Buyers and Sellers Handle Home Inspection Challenges

One of the more treacherous parts of an escrow is the home inspection and request for repairs.  Often times the buyer thinks that the home inspection is a “checklist” of what needs to be fixed while the seller either thinks their home is perfect or “it was just fine for us so why does the […]

Hollywood Riviera Home Sales and Home Prices for October

The Hollywood Riviera in Torrance had a fairly typical month for October 2019.  There were 9 home sales during the month and all were single family homes.   The median list price for the closed sales was $1,200,000 with the median sales price of $1,177,500 indicating that it is still a solid seller’s market.  That does […]

Recent Home Sales in The Communities of Plaza Del Amo

Plaza Del Amo is a unique area in Central Torrance with an abundance of gated communities.  Although there are certainly complexes in Torrance that are similar there is no concentration of these single family, townhome and condo communities anywhere else.  It’s really a real estate market unto itself in the heart of Torrance. The real […]

Staging Makes a Difference

Does staging a home make a difference? It absolutely can and absolutely does.  Staging takes the guess work out for many buyers…..bedrooms look bigger, spaces look brighter, and it all helps buyers see vision of what the house could be.  For sellers the cost of staging is usually more than recovered in a higher sales […]

Wings of Freedom WWII Aircraft Tour Coming to Torrance

For aviation and WWII buffs alike there’s reason to get excited.  The Wings of Freedom Tour is coming to Torrance in April.  Not only can you see some historic aircraft but you can tour them and even fly in them!  Some of the historic planes are the B-17 Flying Fortress, the B-25 Mitchell , B-24 […]

Home Buyers -Should You Try and Time the Real Estate Market?

Should You Try to Time the Market? Many Torrance buyers I meet and work with are interested in waiting to buy until the market goes down or even better….at the bottom of the market. It is certainly natural to want to purchase a home, perhaps the largest and most significant purchase in one’s life, when […]

Search Homes for Sale By Neighborhood on our Torrance Real Estate Map

Click on any neighborhood below to see the current homes for sale in that area of Torrance. Explore North Torrance, Old Torrance, Plaza Del Amo, Southwood, Hollywood Riviera and more. Want an even easier way to search for homes?  Tell us just a bit about your ideal home and we’ll customize a home search and […]

Hollywood Riviera – Hillside Overlay Explained

By Keith Kyle A few of the many benefits of living near the beach are the wonderful ocean views and ocean breezes that make life here so unique.  These ocean views have immeasurable value from both a quality of life aspect as well as a significant monetary impact.  In many of the South Bay cities these […]

Search Torrance Homes for Sale by Neighborhood

We hope that our neighborhood search page allows you to focus on just the areas you’re interested in. Torrance has some great neighborhoods and housing options and we hope that searching for specific areas makes that search easier. You can also search for Torrance homes by price range. Want an easier way? Tell us a […]