Torrance Short Sales Continue to Dwindle

As a short sale specialist I have tracked the short sale market for years and as Torrance is the largest city in the SouthForeclosure-sign Bay, it has been a very good indicator of how much of a factor short sales and bank owned homes have been on the local market.  Short sales first became a factor in mid 2007 with a high point in 2010.  In August of 2010 there were 159 active short sale homes for sale in Torrance.   Those numbers started to decline in April of 2011 and have continued downward to the current level which has seen an average of 4 homes for sale for the past few months.  What was a source of the “deals” sought by buyers is no longer putting downward pressure on the market and has basically ceased to be a factor. View short sale homes for sale on our distressed home site for Torrance and all of the South Bay


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