State of the Torrance Real Estate Market Heading into 2019

Torrance is far more than one uniform real estate market.  With neighborhoods that range from sub $500,000 to homes in the multi millions, each area has it’s own localized market.

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In general the real estate market seems to be slowing down heading into 2019.  Demand is cooling with higher interest rates and a fairly regular slow down this time of year when people are busy with the holidays.

According to Torrance realtor Keith Kyle, “It’s clear that the market is cooling off as there has been an increase in new listings coupled with fewer sales and homes going into escrow since summer.”  The chart above shows that the number of active listings has held pretty steady between 150 and 170 since summer, but the number of sold homes as well as new escrows has continued to decrease.  If this trend continues the market will shift more in favor of buyers and less in favor of sellers.  It’s clearly been a sellers market over the past few years.

The chart below shows the upward trend over the past few months with avarage “months of inventory” of unsold homes on the rise.

What makes the Torrance real estate market so unique in the South Bay?

By Keith Kyle15412_Roselle_Ave_front3 copy

People often think of the South Bay as one large market but each individual city can mean an entirely different real estate market….just take a look at the monthly median home prices in the South Bay as an indication.

Each city is it’s own real estate market but Torrance is different.  As Torrance is the largest city in the South Bay it’s also the most diverse.  That’s especially true in terms of real estate and home values in Torrance.

What make Torrance so different is the variety of areas, and the diversity of both the homes and the prices.  Torrance is a city that has multi million dollar homes along the Bluff on Paseo De La Playa and also has some of the most affordable homes in all of the South Bay.

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The sheer size of Torrance also makes a difference.  Stretching all the way from the ocean to east of the 110 freeway makes for an abundance of options not possible in any other city in the area.  This also allows for everything from single family homes, to condos to even co-ops (rarely seen in the South Bay).

It is definitely not a seen one seen em all type real estate market.


Torrance Home Inventory Continues to Decline in Early 2015

By Keith Kyle

The housing inventory in Torrance, CA is continuing to shrink with the number of available homes for sale decreasing every month since July of 2014.    The first half of 2014 saw a month over month increase in the available homes peaking in the busy summer buying season but that momentum didn’t last.  The peak month of July saw 232 homes available which has gone down every month since.  As of this post there are currently 151 homes currently on the market in the South Bay’s largest city.  The chart below shows the monthly numbers for active homes for sale (light green) current escrows (red line) and closed home sales (dark green).  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about the market or to receive an updated list of the current homes for sale.