See Torrance CA Home Prices for May 2017

Torrance saw a big increase in the monthly number of home sales in May 2017 with 140 homes closing escrow.  The median home price was an impressive $690,000 for the month.  See the Torrance CA real estate market trends and statistics here.  To see the homes that sold in Torrance CA for May visit our home sales page.

City Homes
May 2017 Median May 2016 Median Year over Year % Change%
Carson 41 $458,000 $453,000 1.2%
El Segundo 8 $880,000 $803,000 9.7%
Gardena 65 $523,000 $425,000 23.1%
Harbor City 14 $503,000 $439,000 14.5%
Hawthorne 46 $610,000 $485,000 25.8%
Hermosa Beach 26 $1,738,000 $1,285,000 35.3%
Lawndale 16 $485,000 $455,000 6.5%
Lomita 18 $653,000 $488,000 33.7%
Long Beach 356 $472,000 $485,000 -2.6%
Manhattan Beach 46 $2,175,000 $1,875,000 16%
Marina Del Rey 32 $933,000 $925,000 0.8%
Palos Verdes Estates 47 $1,650,000 $1,499,000 10.1%
Playa Del Rey 31 $720,000 $560,000 28.6%
Rancho Palos Verdes 51 $1,275,000 $1,060,000 20.3%
Redondo Beach 87 $1,054,000 $950,000 10.9%
San Pedro 63 $620,000 $489,000 26.8%
Torrance 140 $690,000 $593,000 16.4%
Westchester 44 $965,000 $1,130,000 -14.6%

When Days on Market Doesn’t Necessarily Represent the Days on Market

By Keith Kyle

I’m sure most MLS systems are different but here in the South Bay the days on market on the CRMLS can be a bit misleading.  Many buyer and agents use days on market as a negotiating tool….the longer the home has been on the market, the more leverage the buyer has to come in low or negotiate other favorable terms.

The problem is that days on market doesn’t always indicate just how long the home has been available and is not necessarily indicative of “active” status.  As realtors when our clients accept an offer we have the option of changing the status to “pending” or “active under contract”.  Pending stops the days on market from accruing, but active under contract does not.  A home can go into escrow on day one, change the status to active under contract (again meaning it’s in escrow) and if it falls out of escrow 20 days later the days on market for the home will show 20.  It’s very misleading as the home has not been available for those 20 days and now puts the seller and listing agent at a disadvantage…..even though it sold the first day.

The other aspect that leads to misinformation is that with this days on market accruing on many home, it does not allow for an accurate picture of the market.  For instance a certain area of town or city itself may show an average days on market for a certain month to be one thing….when many of those homes were not actually available.  It may show days on market at 45 when the reality is that the homes in the community actually go into escrow after 30.

It’s a problem that needs to be addressed as it can change perceptions….both on an individual home and the market in general.

Torrance Home Sales and Housing Prices for November 2016

By Keith Kyle

Torrance, CA posted some solid home sales numbers in November 2015 with a very healthy 112 homes selling at a median price of $656,000 which was up considerably over November of the previous year.  To see the home sales in Torrance click here.  Torrance is one of the largest cities in the South Bay with a very diverse housing market.

City Homes
2016 Median
2015 Median
over Year % Change%
Carson 54 $450,000 $420,000 7%
El Segundo 14 $816,000 $1,171,000 -30.3%
Gardena 44 $504,000 $413,000 22%
Harbor City 9 $523,000 $404,000 29.5%
Hawthorne 37 $575,000 $520,000 10.6%
Hermosa Beach 17 $1,380,000 $1,625,000 -15%
Lawndale 8 $393,000 $521,000 -24.6%
Lomita 6 $473,000 $535,000 -11.6%
Long Beach 298 $490,000 $435,000 12.6%
Manhattan Beach 38 $1,863,000 $1,831,000 1.7%
Marina Del Rey 21 $955,000 $945,000 1.1%
Palos Verdes Estates 25 $1,550,000 $1,675,000 -7.5%
Playa Del Rey 20 $658,000 $612,000 7.5%
Rancho Palos Verdes 47 $1,088,000 $945,000 15.1%
Redondo Beach 75 $900,000 $855,000 5.3%
San Pedro 58 $515,000 $485,000 6.3%
Torrance 112 $656,000 $585,000 12.1%
Westchester 32 $943,000 $892,000 5.7%

Home Sales and Median Home Prices in Redondo Beach for August 2016

By Keith Kylepark-plaza-plaza-del-amo-sign

August 2016 saw another strong month for homes throughout the South Bay and Torrance.  Torrance, CA reached a 179 homes sold in the month of August with a median home price of $645,000.  As of October 18th 2016 there are 151 active homes and income properties for sale in Redondo Beach and 173 homes currently in escrow.  The lowest price of the month was a one bedroom condo in a 55+ building at $215,000 with the highest sale a $1,225,000 for a single family home in the Southwood community of Torrance.  Of all the homes sold only one was a short sale or foreclosure showing just how much of a non factor short sales are becoming in Torrance.   View the current homes for sale in Torrance, CA or view a list of the homes sold in Redondo Beach and the South Bay in August.

City Homes
2016 Median
2015 Median
over Year % Change%
Carson 56 $450,000 $430,000 4.7%
El Segundo 15 $1,075,000 $780,000 37.8%
Gardena 43 $470,000 $399,000 17.8%
Harbor City 24 $523,000 $450,000 16.1%
Hawthorne 47 $575,000 $493,000 16.8%
Hermosa Beach 22 $1,723,000 $1,389,000 24.%
Lawndale 16 $498,000 $437,000 13.8%
Lomita 23 $619,000 $510,000 21.4%
Long Beach 348 $463,000 $459,000 .8%
Manhattan Beach 36 $1,800,000 $1,923,000 -6.4%
Marina Del Rey 24 $1,059,000 $928,000 14.1%
Palos Verdes Estates 42 $1,412,000 $1,815,000 -22.2%
Playa Del Rey 16 $623,000 $560,000 11.2%
Rancho Palos Verdes 57 $1,065,000 $1,155,000 -7.8%
Redondo Beach 100 $968,000 $842,000 15%
San Pedro 70 $481,000 $475,000 1.3%
Torrance 179 $645,000 $585,000 10.3%
Westchester 44 $1,093,000 $890,000 22.7%

Torrance Short Sales Continue to Dwindle

As a short sale specialist I have tracked the short sale market for years and as Torrance is the largest city in the SouthForeclosure-sign Bay, it has been a very good indicator of how much of a factor short sales and bank owned homes have been on the local market.  Short sales first became a factor in mid 2007 with a high point in 2010.  In August of 2010 there were 159 active short sale homes for sale in Torrance.   Those numbers started to decline in April of 2011 and have continued downward to the current level which has seen an average of 4 homes for sale for the past few months.  What was a source of the “deals” sought by buyers is no longer putting downward pressure on the market and has basically ceased to be a factor. View short sale homes for sale on our distressed home site for Torrance and all of the South Bay

Torrance Home Sales in June of 2016 Post Huge Numbers

By Keith Kyle4818 Reese Road

The numbers are in and June 2016 was a big month in terms of both the number of homes sold and the prices.  Home prices were up year over year in every South Bay city other than Manhattan Beach and Torrance CA posted some very big numbers.  141 homes and properties sold in June at a very respectable median price of $640,000 which is higher than normal.  To see the homes sold in Redondo Beach for June 2016 view our recent sales information.

City Homes
2016 Median
2015 Median
over Year % Change%
Carson 63 $450,000 $425,000 5.8%
El Segundo 17 $1,121,000 $888,000 26.2%
Gardena 47 $430,000 $399,000 7.8%
Harbor City 18 $547,000 $360,000 51.9%
Hawthorne 37 $624,000 $539,000 15.7%
Hermosa Beach 24 $1,248,000 $1,230,000 3.6%
Lawndale 13 $519,000 $450,000 15.2%
Lomita 16 $555,000 $530,000 4.7%
Long Beach 408 $470,000 $450,000 4.4%
Manhattan Beach 40 $1,962,000 $2,400,000 -18.25%
Marina Del Rey 32 $900,000 $810,000 11.1%
Palos Verdes Estates 39 $1,533,000 $1,500,000 2.2%
Playa Del Rey 22 $603,000 $610,000 -1.2%
Rancho Palos Verdes 75 $1,200,000 $1,110,000 8.2%
Redondo Beach 99 $950,000 $870,000 9.2%
San Pedro 79 $500,000 $472,000 6%
Torrance 141 $640,000 $597,000 7.2%
Westchester 44 $1,050,000 $923,000 13.8%

What makes the Torrance real estate market so unique in the South Bay?

By Keith Kyle15412_Roselle_Ave_front3 copy

People often think of the South Bay as one large market but each individual city can mean an entirely different real estate market….just take a look at the monthly median home prices in the South Bay as an indication.

Each city is it’s own real estate market but Torrance is different.  As Torrance is the largest city in the South Bay it’s also the most diverse.  That’s especially true in terms of real estate and home values in Torrance.

What make Torrance so different is the variety of areas, and the diversity of both the homes and the prices.  Torrance is a city that has multi million dollar homes along the Bluff on Paseo De La Playa and also has some of the most affordable homes in all of the South Bay.

Search Torrance homes by area.

The sheer size of Torrance also makes a difference.  Stretching all the way from the ocean to east of the 110 freeway makes for an abundance of options not possible in any other city in the area.  This also allows for everything from single family homes, to condos to even co-ops (rarely seen in the South Bay).

It is definitely not a seen one seen em all type real estate market.


Torrance Home Sales Up in May of 2016

Torrance, CA saw a slight gain in year over year home prices in May with 138 homes sold this month at a median price of around $593,000 which was up from $579,000 the prior May.  138 homes is a very strong number for Torrance and shows that the market activity is continuing to pick up with more homes slowly coming on the market.  Click here to see the homes sold in Torrance for May of 2016.

City Homes
2016 Median
2015 Median
over Year % Change%
Carson 57 $453,000 $410,000 10.4%
El Segundo 12 $802,500 $803,500 -.1%
Gardena 47 $425,000 $405,000 4.9%
Harbor City 26 $439,000 $415,000 5.8%
Hawthorne 39 $485,000 $525,000 -7.7%
Hermosa Beach 21 $1,285,000 $1,450,000 -11.4%
Lawndale 14 $455,000 $431,000 5.6%
Lomita 15 $488,000 $509,000 -4.1%
Long Beach 349 $485,000 $433,000 11.9%
Manhattan Beach 48 $1,875,000 $2,239,000 -16.2%
Marina Del Rey 31 $925,000 $918,000 .8%
Palos Verdes Estates 55 $1,499,000 $1,515,000 -1.1%
Playa Del Rey 24 $560,000 $615,000 -8.9%
Rancho Palos Verdes 58 $1,060,000 $1,100,000 -3.6%
Redondo Beach 96 $950,000 $845,000 12.5%
San Pedro 66 $489,000 $449,000 8.8%
Torrance 138 $593,000 $579,000 2.4%
Westchester 30 $1,130,000 $900,000 25.6%

Torrance home sales for March of 2016

By Keith KyleHollywood Riviera homes for sale

March was yet another very busy month for home sales in Torrance and the South Bay with home prices continuing to go up and the number of home sales rising as well.  The demand has been pretty overwhelming in certain areas such as West Torrance, South Torrance and the Hollywood Rivera and multiple offer situations selling over the list price being the norm.

Torrance saw 109 home sales in March of 2016 with the average list price of $648, 831 and the average sales price at $648,460 which again shows that very few homes are selling below list price….even in a market in which inflated prices are becoming more common.  The lowest priced home of the month was a 1 bedroom condo in the County Strip area (not actually part of Torrance but a Torrance P.O. making for much lower prices)at $172,900 and the most expensive was $1,160,000 for a 5 bed/4 bath, 3000 square foot single family home in the Hollywood Riviera.

Click any link below to see the homes sold in March of 2016.
El Segundo
Hermosa Beach
Hollywood Riviera
Manhattan Beach
Palos Verdes Estates
Rancho Palos Verdes
Redondo Beach
Rolling Hills Estates
San Pedro

The Highest and Lowest Priced Homes in Torrance CA

By Keith Kyle

Torrance is a diverse community and home prices can certainly reflect that.  From multi million dollar homes along the bluff in the Hollywood Riviera, to the neighborhoods near the 110 Freeway, neighborhoods and home prices vary considerably.

Topping out the market at the moment is the home at 326 Calle De Arboles in the Hollywood Riviera.  The home is priced at $2,098,000 with 3,251 square feet and has been on the market almost 2 months as of this posting.  While the homes in the Hollywood Riviera are often Redondo Beach mailing addresses and zip codes, the homes are actually located in Torrance with award winning Torrance schools and services.


On the other side of the spectrum is the one bedroom condo located at 941 W Carson.  It’s listed at $205,000 and is a short sale property.  This section of Torrance is known as county strip.  Very much the opposite of the Hollywood Riviera this section of Torrance is actually not part of Torrance proper and is serviced by LA Unified Schools and LA City services.  As the schools are not at the same level (in most cases) as the Torrance Unified schools, values are always lower in this area.